Vision 2020


What is Vision 2020?

Welcome to our vision of Lodi's economic future.

In the corresponding web pages you will see some of the work of over 70 Chamber member business owners from both inside and outside the city limits, also elected city and county officials, city management staff, Lodi Unified School District administrators and key community stakeholders. Vision 2020 is an economic visioning project for the city of Lodi and is the volunteers’ combined vision of what they would like to see Lodi “be like, look like, and work like” in 2020, as well as their “must haves” for the community’s economic improvement for all Lodians. This project was conceived, facilitated by, and will be managed in the future by the Lodi District Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors.

Why are we embarking on this project now? The answer is, we have no choice. We believe there are great economic challenges ahead for Lodi businesses and all citizens. Some of these have been created externally and are being faced in cities across our country. Others are home grown issues that need our attention. To address all of the above, we decided to focus on five key areas of economic opportunity for the Vision 2020 project. Out of these economic areas, five Vision Action Teams (VATs) were created to work on addressing the needs in those areas.


The good news is, there are many reasons to be hopeful because of opportunities we see in the future. To take advantage of these, however, we must all work together for our common prosperity and economic improvement. Within the first Vision 2020 report, there are 16 major strategies and 55 measurable action steps identified to help strengthen our local economy. To date, 14 of the 55 measurable action steps are in some degree of completion.

As you look through the five Vision 2020 economic area pages, stay mindful of where you might fit in and what you can do to help improve our economy. Our great community did not happen by accident; this strong local economy and extraordinary quality of life will only continue with a plan.
Working together, we will cause great things to happen.

Thank you to everyone involved in the process of creating this amazing compilation of facts and strategies to make Lodi the best it can be by 2020. Without their countless hours of hard work and dedication,
this publication would not have come to fruition.


Dominic Alexander, California Concentrate Co.
Debbie Chiene, Lincoln Technical Academy, LUSD
Bob Johnson, City Council Member, City of Lodi
Taj Khan, Delta College Trustee Board President
Gwen Krenecki, Lodi Iron Works*
Christine Marshall, Pacific Coast Producers
Terry Quashnick, Cepheid
Maria Rosado, California Human Development
Thom Sanchez, Waste Management*
Pat Schumacher, Nationwide Insurance
Laurie Van Dyk, Community Volunteer
Carlos Villapudua, S.J. County Board of Supervisors
Cathy Nichols-Washer, Lodi Unified School District


Mike Carouba, DGP Real Estate*
Eric Daegling, Bank of Stockton
Tom Doucette, Frontier Home Builders
Frank Gayaldo, Gayaldo International
Mike Georguson, Valley Outdoor Advertising
Dale Gillespie, RPM
Tiffany Gomes, Classic Floor to Ceiling Design*
Dave Kirsten, Dave Kirsten, LLC
Craig Ledbetter, Vino Farms, Inc.*
James Watt, Truex Insurance*


Sherri Aguilar, Grupe Realtors
Glen Barnes, First Baptist Church
Mike Coldani, Coldani Realtors
Susie Cook, The Senior’s Choice*
Darrell Drummond, Drummond & Associates
Phil Felde, Bank of Agriculture & Commerce*
Ron Heberle, Lodi Unified School District
Mark Helms, Chief of Police, City of Lodi
Emily Hetzner, Wine & Roses
Taj Khan, Delta College Trustee Board President
Ben Kolber, KG Vineyard Management
Meghan Lange, Joe Peterson & Associates
Jake McGregor, 180 Teen Center
Dave Phillips, Michael-David Winery
Martin Ross, Salvation Army
Sally Snyde, WOW Science Museum
Larry Underhill, Statesman Realty*
David Warner, Salvation Army
Tracy Williams, LOEL Center


Bill Cummins, Bear Creek Community Church
Carol Farron, Lodi Health
Mark Hamilton, Community Volunteer
Craig Ledbetter, Vino Farms, Inc.*
Kimberly Mullen, HERLIFE, Lodi CDJR
Roni Natera, Vino Farms, Inc.
Mona Shulman, Pacific Coast Producers
Lita Wallach, Wallach & Associates
Martin Weybret, Lodi News Sentinel
Julie Whiteley, Lodi Health


Paul Anderson, SERVPRO of Lodi*
Nancy Beckman, Visit Lodi!*
Joe Berghold, Berghold Winery
Bob Colarossi, Estate Crush
John DellaMonica, DellaMonica & Snyder Architects
Paige Geweke, Hampton Inn
Randall Heinitz, Randall’s Fine Clothing & Gifts
Phil Katzakian, Mayor, City of Lodi
Beth Kim, Holiday Inn Express
Camron King, Lodi Winegrape Commission
Robin Knowlton, Knowlton Gallery
Gregg Lewis, The Dancing Fox Winery, Bakery & Eatery*
Russ Munson, Wine & Roses Hotel Restaurant Spa
*Lodi District Chamber of Commerce Board Member