Lodi Street Faire


Upcoming Street Faire: May 6th, 2018

Twice Annually, The Lodi Chamber of Commerce hosts The Lodi Street Faire
on the first Sundays of May and October from 8am to 4pm.

The Lodi Street Faire is one of the premier events in the State, attracting vendors from throughout California. The Street Faire takes up a 12-square block area of Lodi. More than 500 vendors participate in this biannual event, selling antiques, arts & crafts and commercial items. While shopping, visitors can satisfy their appetite with their choice from 25 food vendors offering everything from hamburgers, to hot dogs, sausages, to pizza. Mexican, Chinese and Filipino dishes are also available for those craving a more international fare. And, no faire is complete without sweet treats and cold drinks.

Street Faire Photos

If you are a vendor interested in obtaining a space at the next Lodi Street Faire, see below. Please note that due to its popularity, over 50 percent of participating vendors immediately renew their place for the next faire – space is limited – so register today!


All vendors must complete an application and submit payment when registering. Vendors are required to hold a valid California sellers permit or complete a special events certification form (BOE410-D).

Vendors will be required to go to check-in before driving to your space the morning of the Faire. Check in begins once the Lodi Police Department has approved to do so. Usual approval time is approximately 4am but times may vary.

Vendors may drive up to their space to unload but, all vehicles must be parked outside of the barricaded areas by 7:30am. Vendors should also have their space set-up by this time. The event runs from 8am to 4pm. Vendors may not tear down their booth before 4pm. All vendors must be packed up by 6pm.

All space numbers are on the curbs of the streets. The location of the number is approximately the middle of your space. Spaces are 13x13 unless you were notified that you are in a 10x10 space. The assigned check-in location is marked on the vendor space location map. Vendor packets are sent via email. Vendors must print and bring to check-in.

Vendor products must stay in your assigned space. You have either a 10x10 or a 13x13 space. You are not allowed to go beyond those dimensions. Please buy multiple spaces if needed. Vendors are not allowed to distribute promotional flyers, etc. outside of their space. Vendor products are not allowed on the sidewalks or leaning on buildings. This is in violation of our City of Lodi permits.

No generators are permitted and no electricity is available.
No beverage sales are allowed.
Only pre-approved food items are allowed to be sold or given away from vendor spaces.
No free face painting. No silly string is to be used or sold at this event.
To view pricing, please see “print application” below.


May 2018

Street Faire Applications

*Please note: We only limit vendors selling the same product when we are not able to ensure enough booth distance between such vendors.*

Online Registration [AVAILABLE SOON]
Online Registration will be available soon. Spaces will be assigned in date order they are received. Anyone that would like to participate as a vendor in the May 6, 2018 Faire may also register using the print application (see below).

2018 ONLINE Registration Available Soon
Print Application
To register by print application, click the following link:

May 2018 SF PRINT Application
Seller Verification
(If you did not provide a valid CA sellers permit #, click here to download seller verification with your application)

Seller Verification
Food Vendors
Available Soon:

Food Vendor Application
Certificate of Liability
Click the link below to view a sample Certificate of Liability. (Only required for vendors preparing food on site, and vendors that will be in physical contact with the public such as face painters, chiropractors or finger printing.)

Sample Certificate of Liability
Golf Cart Sponsorship | A GREAT way to promote your business!
If you are interested in becoming involved in the Street Faire – sign-up for a golf cart sponsorship! This is a great way to promote your business and help shoppers get their treasures found at the Faire to their cars.

Golf Cart Sponsorship Agreement

Referral Program

Do you know a vendor that would be interested in attending the Street Faire? Well, the Lodi Street Faire Referral Rewards Program will put some extra cash in your pocket, give a friend a discounted space and bring additional vendors to the Faire, attracting even more customers! Click below for all the details!

Please Note: In order to participate in the Street Faire Referral Program and register for the Street Faire, you need to print out your application and mail or fax it in with payment — Online registrations
cannot be used for the Referral Program.

See below for Street Faire Referral Program Information.

Street Faire Referral Program Info