Those who live in Lodi for the most part view their community to be a cut above many other cities. We are blessed with the beautiful Mokelumne River that sets our Northern boundary and supplies the picturesque Lodi Lake. Lodi has plenty of tree-lined streets and many safe neighborhoods. All of this is bathed in a Mediterranean climate, cooled most evenings by “the Delta breeze.”


In 2020, we want Lodi to be regionally known as a very attractive community in which to raise a family. Lodi’s charming Downtown, its deeply rooted farming values and heritage are complemented by being an established wine destination. Lodi embraces cultural diversity and is safe, friendly, and has a magnetic sense of community.

  • STRATEGY 1: Development of family oriented anchor attractions
    • Field a community research team to investigate other cities for family-friendly attractions that provide entertainment for citizens and have the added benefit of attracting tourists.
    • Once an attraction is identified, survey or promote to developers who are able to procure the land, design and build the attraction.
    • Preserve Lodi’s existing traditional events that add to Lodi’s sense of community

  • STRATEGY 2: Bring Lodi’s diverse cultures into a cohesive community by activating inclusive leadership.
    • Catalog existing programs and services, connect them to one another, coordinating services and identifying gaps. Do all this with several goals in mind - safety, attractiveness, and livability.
    • Identify additional needed programs, not currently offered, and develop programs/services for improving livability and embracing Lodi’s diversity.
    • Encourage leadership by all of Lodi’s cultures in community planning for improving the livability and unity of Lodi.
    • Design events that bring together all of the cultures in Lodi

  • STRATEGY 3: Set a community goal to sustain the agriculture that encircles Lodi
    • Encourage and help establish value-added agricultural businesses that embody both farm and white collar job opportunities.
    • Develop community awareness for preserving (sustaining) the all important sense of community for which Lodi is famous.
    • Develop a Committee to look at creative ways to sustain ag-land in the so-called, “Greenbelt area” to the South side of Lodi including: profitable ag and ag-tourism businesses, as well as, public use areas.

  • STRATEGY 4: Secure a post-secondary education institution in Lodi
    • Support the current efforts of the Citizens For a North Campus of Delta College.
    • If the above is not available, support efforts to attract a four-year small college to Lodi that offers degreed programs that fit local job opportunities and community needs, i.e. agriculture, health care, manufacturing, etc.

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