Grape & Farm Safety Days


Grape Day

Grape Day originated in 1952, and was created by a Lodi Chamber of Commerce Agribusiness Chairman, Calvin Mettler, and a U.C. Davis Extension agent to provide the latest information
and thinking around grape culture to harvest.

-Grape Day will be held on February 6th, 2018-

For tickets please contact Karen Cannon 209-367-7840 Ext.105

Contact Karen Cannon with any questions.


Grape Day Topics

Grape Day topics vary from year to year. More info coming on this year's training topic.


Grape Day Photos


*The NEW and IMPROVED* Farm Safety Day

Farm Safety Day was created in 1992 and takes place at the Grape Festival Grounds. This class was created to educate the farm workers in the community in pesticide cleanup and safety.

Farm Safety will be held on March 1st, 2018-

Farm Safety Day Registration Available HERE

Contact Karen Cannon with any questions.


Farm Safety Day Topics

Farm Safety topics vary from year to year. Topics to be covered will be posted soon and are based on NEW safety regulations.

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