Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)
Love Your Block Training Workshop


Are you interested in creating positive change
in the Heritage District?

For those that are interested in contributing to this part of our city (Eastern side of Lodi) this program is for you! As a team built of citizens from all sides of Lodi,
we don't believe in a west or east side, but ONE LODI.

Do you have a project idea to help improve the Heritage District?

If you weren't able to attend our Orientation Workshop, you could receive program resources and support, and/or up to $500 to make your project happen!

Sign up to meet with one of the ABCD: Love Your Block team members HERE, and download the application below to fill out during and after your meeting.
Next all you'll do is bring your application to our
Project Development Workshop on January 17th (5:30-8:30PM)
at the Lodi Chamber of Commerce (35 S School St. Lodi, CA)!

About the program:

Lodi's ABCD: Love Your Block is a community program organized by the Lodi Chamber of Commerce and City of Lodi. This program is targeted towards improving the Heritage District, in the eastern side of Lodi, by supporting citizen-driven community improvement projects. Modeled after similar programs successfully established in several other cities nationwide, ABCD: Love Your Block provides a unique opportunity for neighborhood groups to grow in leadership and help transform their own neighborhood.