Chamber Endorses Winn and Withrow

The Power of Small Business
April 24, 2018

The Lodi District Chamber of Commerce has interviewed candidates for local offices since 2006. We do this because it is important to elect officials that understand the importance of business interests as it is businesses, through personal investment, who create jobs and well beings for our communities. Our interview panels are made up of men and women that represent a cross-section of the business industries, which make up the Chamber of Commerce and the business community at large.

This year for the June elections, we interviewed candidates for San Joaquin County Sheriff and District 4 County Supervisor. In the supervisor race, we feel that Chuck Winn should be re-elected based on his depth of knowledge in the key areas of water and its importance to our District, as well as education and in particular- the educational pathway to a good job and a family supporting wage. There were stark differences between the answers of Julie Damron-Brown and Chuck Winn. The panel agreed with Chuck Winn's position on the handling of cannabis in San Joaquin County, his distaste for sanctuary state policies, and his understanding of business' needs were what District 4 needed.

The panel also interviewed Sheriff Steve Moore, running for re-election, and his opponent, Patrick Withrow. The panel unanimously selected Patrick Withrow because of the new ideas that they believe would be welcomed by San Joaquin Sheriff's Officers and the community. While Sheriff Moore's Community Car Program in the agland of District 4 has been successful, the panel agreed with Withrow's concept to expand the Community Car Program into a Community Policing model throughout the entire county. Withrow contends the number of Officers on patrol at any given time should be deployed more effectively to protect and serve the people of San Joaquin County. Besides his stances on Community Policing and the reallocation of staff, the panel was impressed with Withrow's experience working multiple and different departments within the Sheriff's Department, including Patrol, K-9, SWAT, Admin Sergeant, and his work running the Alternative Work/Community Corps programs.

We thank Sheriff Moore for twelve years of service, which have been difficult years due to the release of thousands of criminals determined by our Governor, the rampant increase of homelessness, shifting sand of cannabis, and anti-police views. All things considered, the panel believes it is time for change in the San Joaquin Sheriff's Office.

The Lodi District Chamber of Commerce is an organization dedicated to "Securing Lodi's Economic Future." Our priority it to be a catalyst for business growth, a convener for leaders and influencers to create positive change, and a champion for the community.

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