The Power of Small Business

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April 24, 2018
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May 11, 2018
The Power of Small Business

The first week in May is National Small Business Appreciation week. It's name- Small Business Week- does not really convey the "bigness" of small business. In our chamber, 80-85% of our members are categorized as Small Business. Now that means something different in Lodi Chamber than it does in the State or National Chambers. The small business on a national or state level has an employee count of less than 500 people. In Lodi, a business with 500 employees would be considered a LARGE business. Small businesses in Lodi are generally 25 employees or less and many of those have less than 10 employees.


About 80% of all employed individuals work in a small business. And for sure, every large business, no matter how big, started out as a small business. You know the stories of Apple, Hewlit Packard, General Electric- and these all started from or two individuals who had an idea. This week, Small Business Appreciation week, it is nice to remember all the small business owners who have sacrificed their finances, sacrificed long hours creating, sacrificed- more than likely- times with their families, lost sleep worried about money, production deadlines, worried about their employees who are now like family. The small business owner is a brave individual and without them, we would not have the greatest economy the world has ever seen. So of our 750+ members, just know the Chamber Board of Directors and staff salute all the Small Business owners for helping make this community livable and loveable Lodi.

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