Creating More Lodi Ambassadors

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April 19, 2018
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April 24, 2018
Creating More Lodi Ambassadors

Ambassador: /amˈbasədər/ noun- A person who acts as a representative or promoter of a person, place, or thing.

Lodi Chamber's definition of an Ambassador is all about the place. Next week, your Chamber will host well over 100 Ambassadors from Chambers of Commerces statewide. In the two-day event, they will hear from some of our local business success stories: Michele Zaragoza- who has been a part of the meteoric growth of Keller Williams Realty in here Lodi and San Joaquin County- and Dale Immekus - longtime member of the Ambassador program who launched his financial planning business and credits the Ambassadors as part of the rise to his success. Dedicated Financial Planning Services, Inc. now serves over 400 households here in Lodi. Ambassador Teams from over 20 different Chambers of Commerce will have the opportunity to interact and share best practices, as well as be inspired by our two featured speakers, and they're in for a day and a half of a lot of fun.

This two-day event will showcase many Lodi businesses, including wineries and Downtown shops. Many will spend Friday night with us, while others will stay Saturday and sample as much Lodi wine as they possibly can before they return to their home communities.

To our community's credit, we received the honor to host this event by a voice vote from last year's attendees in another California city. The cry came up from the crowd, "Let's go to Lodi! We hear so many good things about it!" Many people and businesses are to be thanked for our community's great and growing positive reputation. I have no doubts that those people who attend are Ambassadors for their city's Chambers of Commerce, but when they leave Lodi, Lodi will have some new Ambassadors as a result of this rally.

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