Lodi RV Park a Nationwide Leader in Sustainability

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November 29, 2017
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Lodi RV Park a Nationwide Leader in Sustainability

"Green Philosophy" makes Lodi RV Park a Nationwide Leader in Sustainability

November 29th, 2017

Flag City RV Resort, located on West Banner Street in Lodi, had to face a number of seemingly difficult challenges early on.

Multiple jurisdictions, undocumented underground services, the site’s 15-degree slope for a storm water basin were just a few of these to overcome. Purchased by the Gill Family, Flag City RV Resort has not only overcome those challenges but has done so in a profitable, innovative and sustainable manner.

Flag City RV Resort partnered with Nuance Energy to install 530 kW of solar panel power generation, which involved rooftop, carport and ground mount solar arrays. The use of Nuance Energy’s innovative earth anchor foundation system easily overcame the steep slope of the storm water basin. The minimal ground penetration, adjustable anchor stands and the lack of need for any heavy equipment made the project feasible.

“Flag City RV Resort is proud of our highly efficient solar initiative, which reflects both our financial responsibility and environmental stewardship,” said Ricky Gill, the resort’s co-owner. “As one of the top-rated RV resorts in the U.S., we strive for excellence and believe this is a project our peers will seek to emulate. Thanks to our close partnership with Nuance Energy, we successfully completed this project that involved several challenges and satisfying multiple jurisdictions.”

The resort’s “green” installation has not only allowed for a daily offset of energy needed from the grid, but the basin in dry weather is a friendly space for RV tourists traveling with their beloved pets.

“It was exciting to hear that Lodi had another "first of it’s kind business”, said Pat Patrick, President & CEO of the Lodi Chamber of Commerce. Many would say the space they now occupy was handicapped with the very large drainage basin, but the Gill family has turned it into an asset that helps their growing business. Besides creating an environmentally friendly ecosystem that rewards not only the RV owners, the attractive resort is bringing in many tourists who come to wine taste in Lodi and explore in the area country-side.”

Carmen Ross
Communications Director
Lodi Chamber of Commerce

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